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Black Friday Updates and Discounts!

Use the Discount Code “BLACKFRIDAY” to get 35% off any purchase this week!

Additionally, sweeping updates for products have been uploaded and are now live for improved compatibility with the current Resolume version 7.13.2 as well as additional content!

ConfusionV1.3.0 – 12 new visuals as well as combability bug fixes and Dashboard Control adjustments
FearV1.2.0 – 4 new visuals as well as compatibility bug fixes and Dashboard Control adjustments
GeminiV1.10 – Compatibility bug fixes and Dashboard Control adjustments
EqualizeV1.0.2 – Compatibility bug fixes and Dashboard Control adjustments
ioValentineV1.0.3 – Combability bug fixes

If you’ve already purchased any of these products, download the new updates by logging into or registering the account with the information associated with the purchase, go to your products, and redownload them. You’ll receive the new updates and content free of charge!



Introducing CyberSync

A futuristic content pack featuring 30 ready to play generative visuals for Resolume 6, with Audio-Reactive and BPM-sync variants.ย ย Designed with negative space in mind, to keep visual elements distinct on any display!


  • Timeline/Audio-Reactive/BPM-Sync variations (30/30/30)
  • User Friendly
  • Versatile Dashboard Controls
  • Infinitely customizable
  • Sound Reactive / BPM / Timeline
  • Timeless Neon Design
  • Alpha Channels; Layer clips creatively
  • Learn from and modify every clip freely
  • Small and portable!ย  Copy and save clips into any composition!

Brought to you by ioGenerative, your source for generative and real-time visual content.



Who we are

ioGenerative is your source for easy-to-use real-time and generative content. We are hard at work producing content packs for multiple applications and resolutions. Connect with our social media platforms and stay in touch as we announce new and exciting products.

Now announcing CyberSync – a generative content pack for Resolume 6 that will change the game for VJ’s and artists around the world. CyberSync will be available very soon!