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New Product release, Prismatic!

Today I’m extremely happy to present to all of you amazing generative-performers, artists and content creators ioGenerative’s most colorful pack yet, Prismatic! You can get it now at

I’ll probably add more details to this post after I get a good sleep in, I’ve had way too much coffee and not remotely enough sleep haha


ioGenerative updates 3/28/2020

Hi!  We hope everyone’s staying safe out there!  

Today all content packs other than Fear have been updated for compatibility with the newest Resolume update 7.1.1.    You can read about updating your purchased packs in the FAQ section here.

A new free content update will be released with Fear’s compatibility update within a week’s time from this post.  

Stay cheerful, all!



Cyber Monday Major Update!


-Every major pack now has a Resolume 7 version

-Every Resolume 7 version has received fixes to shading, where many visuals weren’t using their planned shadow effects as expected.   Res7 files prior to this post should be redownloaded for this update. 

-Now introducing a free sampler pack, with a small assortment of visuals from every pack!

-Introduced a FAQ page to address issues such as  how to redownload files



For the next week, you can use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY on checkout to receive 50% off any purchase. 


CyberSync1.4 has been released, making it compatible with Resolume 7, as well as adding 12 new visuals, totalling now over 60+!


June Update

At the very beginning of June, we released Gemini!  This was a fantastic pack to work on, and I’m always happy to see how far Resolume can really go with realtime content.   The addition of Linear and Radial cloners have increased the possibilities so much, not to mention the wonderful utility of the Palette mode of the colorize effect!    Don’t forget to check out the Equalize pack for audio-spectrum goodness, and the Confusion pack for some clean black and white surrealism. 



Introducing CyberSync

A futuristic content pack featuring 30 ready to play generative visuals for Resolume 6, with Audio-Reactive and BPM-sync variants.  Designed with negative space in mind, to keep visual elements distinct on any display!


  • Timeline/Audio-Reactive/BPM-Sync variations (30/30/30)
  • User Friendly
  • Versatile Dashboard Controls
  • Infinitely customizable
  • Sound Reactive / BPM / Timeline
  • Timeless Neon Design
  • Alpha Channels; Layer clips creatively
  • Learn from and modify every clip freely
  • Small and portable!  Copy and save clips into any composition!

Brought to you by ioGenerative, your source for generative and real-time visual content.



Who we are

ioGenerative is your source for easy-to-use real-time and generative content. We are hard at work producing content packs for multiple applications and resolutions. Connect with our social media platforms and stay in touch as we announce new and exciting products.

Now announcing CyberSync – a generative content pack for Resolume 6 that will change the game for VJ’s and artists around the world. CyberSync will be available very soon!