Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
Q1: My download link expired, what gives?

A1: For the first 24 hours after purchase, you can download your product from the receipt.  Afterwards, you’ll need to create or sign in with an account using the email you purchased with.   You’ll then find all your downloads in your account purchases. 
Q2: I bought a pack forever ago, how do I get the updated version?

A2: All updates for a pack will be available in your account purchases/downloads


Q3: What specs do I need?

A3:  For 30FPS, 1080P, I wouldn’t use a card any weaker than a Nvidia 1060GTX.  Resolume 7 offers greatly improved FPS over Resolume 6. 


Q4: Can I use this with VDMX, Lumen, AVmixer, etc.

A4: No.  Everything on the site currently only works with Resolume 6/7. 

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